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Business Internet Plans

Basic installation cost is $85 plus 2 months up front of the package of your choice.

Lite 3.0 MIMO Express 6.0 MIMO Express 9.0 MIMO Express 12.0 MIMO
$38/per month
up to 3Mb/DOWN
up to 2Mb/UP
with 1 Static IP
  $48/per month
up to 6Mb/DOWN
up to 3Mb/UP
with 1 Static IP
  $58/per month
up to 9Mb/DOWN
up to 4Mb/UP
with 1 Static IP
  $68/per month
up to 12Mb/DOWN
up to 5Mb/UP
with 1 Static IP
Lite 1.5 Legacy   Express 3.0 Legacy        
$38/per month
up to 1.5Mb/DOWN
up to 512Kb/UP
with 1 Static IP
  $48/per month
up to 3.0Mb/DOWN
up to 768Kb/UP
with 1 Static IP

Need a faster connection for your business? Just contact us to see what fits your company's needs.


Public IP addresses
More IP addresses are available if needed. Contact sales to customize your Internet connection to your business.


Bandwidth Usage Limits
Unlike the Satellite and other Wireless ISPs, we have NO LIMITS. You won't have to worry about getting billed for overage data usage with us.


Other Notes about our Internet Packages
Not all packages are available in all areas.

Our legacy equipment is older equipment and cannot handle speeds of today and could be considered "last mile" equipment (this means that we cannot get a good signal with the MIMO equipment). We have most of our network upgraded to the MIMO equipment.

The Express 3.0 Legacy package will be increased in speed, we will have to reconfigure the towers for these changes to occur. This will be completed shortly. The Express 3.0 Legacy package is planned on being increased to either 5-6Mbps DOWN when all of  the towers are reconfigured.


Skyline Broadband / WiMAX Express Inc.,
3402 US HWY 27 South Suite #3
Stanford, KY 40484
(606) 365-5759