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About Us

This company has emerged from one employee to several employees from 1999 to what it is today. Skyline Broadband is a WiMAX Express Inc company and was created in 2006 to provide Broadband to Residential and Commercial customers. Our network today is just about rock solid with the knowledge spent for the last several years by implementing the latest technologies and using better techniques to fight against storm and lightning damage to our towers and the CPE (Customer Premesis Equipment). This also helps us run more efficiently. We are committed to providing the best that we have to offer to our customers with the latest equipment that we can provide. So much has changed just in the last few years to accomplish this.

Feel free to come by our new store located in Stanford at the bottom of Halls Gap next to Montooth Flooring in the same shopping plaza.

Skyline Broadband / WiMAX Express Inc.,
3402 US HWY 27 South Suite #3
Stanford, KY 40484
(606) 365-5759